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Bria Gabor is a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, podcast personality, and body building competitor!


She first entered the fitness world as a group fitness instructor in 2014, teaching every style of fitness from mobility, to HIIT, to strength training, and indoor cycling.


Growing up as a musician, actress, and contemporary dancer, she felt that as a group instructor she was front and center stage, armed with the incredible opportunity of sharing her love of movement, empowerment, and health with any and all who dared enter her class!

After graduating from Sonoma State with a BA in Communications and Film, and recovering from a serious health condition, she joined 24 Hour Fitness as a Personal Trainer in January of 2018. She stayed with 24 as a trainer for 2 years before joining CoreFit in June of 2020.


"Personal training has transformed my confidence, enhanced my passion for fitness and health, and has allowed me to aid in the journeys of so many people to become activists for their own health and fosterers of self love!

I am a Jill of many trades, with knowledge and experience training people from all walks of life in strength training, aerobic conditioning, functional mobility, nutrition, and habit building. As a body building competitor I am most known for my work in strength training, muscle sculpting, and nutrition. My number one mission as a trainer and coach is to empower my clients to be braver, bolder, healthier, and more fulfilled versions of themselves!"

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